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Web Design and Development Solutions and Services

Professional and unique Website Design and Development company

Are you looking for a website design with a personal touch?
Do you require a professional look and feel to your site?
Do you need a user-friendly and multi-browser CMS or website?
Want to sell your products online with an ecommerce website?
Well, you have found what you are looking for...

Omix Creations is a professional website design and development company based in Gauteng, South Africa who provide Unique Website Solutions that are creatively focussed to capture your company’s unique profile and image. We provide affordable Website Development Solutions and Services to fit your unique requirements ranging from small scale websites to large scale Content Management Systems and full blown E-commerce Web Shops that you can manage your self!.

Omix Creations excel in providing custom; personalised static website design as well as website redesign services. We are also listed in the South African web design company directory.

We utilize the Joomla Content Management System (CMS) to quickly design and develop websites that incorporate components such as an Online Shopping Cart Solution, or other functionality that requires a Database. The main benefit of using a CMS is that it provides protected access to update your own website - online!

"This powerful CMS allows you the freedom and capabilities to change any and all content on your own website, which will drastically reduce costs and time.

Chose from a range of professionally designed website templates or we will design your website around your unique specifications.

What are the basics of a great website anyway?

Quality Website Design and Branding Website Information or Content Website Support, Maintenance or Updating Hosting your Website Online SEO - Marketing your Company and Website

View Omix Creations' Website Design Portfolio:

view Omix Creation's Unique and Professional Website Designs
Step 1- Quality Website Design and Branding

Quality Website Design will set you apart from your Competitors.

Your website design is integral to the look and feel you wish to portray for your company online.
As a personalised form of advertising, your first impression will either entice your visitors or chase them away.
"Custom web design and development is our Forte, whether it be a static or CMS website."

Whether your website is mimimalistic and professional, attractive and dazzling, or anything from corporate to striking, a great web design is your first line of persuation! With an impressive design portfolio, showcasing each companies selected products clearly and in a user-friendly manner, the layout combines not only aesthetic quality, but easy readability and navigation through your website.

This is done by utilizing colour, design and images, content and space layout within your page architecture, so that you are creating an online brochure that is appealing to your visitors and instructive in what you have to offer. You want to give your website visitors highly specific and valuable information relating to your company, products, services or endeavour in a friendly and concise way.

High quality and image-specific graphics. animation and videos - such as Flash - are a very effective tool and can add that certain professionalism and finesse to your website, making your web page come alive!

Step 2 - Website Information or Content

What information should you have on your website?

The website content you wish to display to the world and your prospective clients includes everything on your website pages.
This may include documents, data, applications, e-services, images, audio and video files, personal web pages, forums / blogs / discussion boards, archived e-mail messages, and more.

Suitable information may include your corporate profile, your products and services offered, affiliates and/or links to partner companies, profiles of your employees and management, your contact details and map to your premises.

Content Management may be done using Joomla, Drupal and a few select Content Management Systems allowing greater ease of maintaining and changing your website content at a moments notice, and on your own too!

School Jotter is a very popular and feature-packed School Website builder. Whether you are the School Principal, Teacher, Parent or Student, you can now follow the progress of the school and student's progress online.

Content Protection in the form of Online IT Backup is also crucial for businesses who chose to market on the internet. Please see our prices on Website Backup and Recovery Services.
Websites need content-rich Information

Update your own Website Information or Content with a CMS

Step 4 - Hosting your website online

Are you thinking of getting your website online or even hosting your own website on the web?

Control your entire website and email with Linux' cPanel or Windows' Plesk web management platforms.

Do you want to host your own blog and have control of every page of your website or content management system?

Omix Creations provides small to large scale Hosting Solutions:

With up-to-date Server technology, 24-7 support, and a 99.5% uptime on all our Linux and Windows Servers, Omix Creations ensures you reliable and affordable hosting solutions.

Linux Hosting Platform:
View our Affordable Linux Web Hosting Solutions to suit your exact needs.

Linux is a widely adopted worldwide server platform that is opensource and freely distributed. The Linux Operating System has begun a revolution in the world of computers as it's functionality, adaptability, renowned stability, robustness and level of stability make it a powerful tool and the main alternative for Unix and Microsoft operating systems. The Linux OS is used in home and office desktop computers and can be embedded into microchips for various appliances and devices.
Reliable hosting for your website

Reliable hosting for your website

Windows Hosting Platform:
View our Affordable and Reliable Windows Web Hosting Solutions.

The Windows operating system is widely popular due to the support offered for this GUI that was produced by Microsoft as an add-on to MS-DOS. Nowdays Windows dominates the market for desktop computer operating systems used on the internet. Full use of ASP functions and capabilities on other operating systems besides Windows is not available yet, although cross-platform ASP attempts are being made by and Sun Java System Active Server Pages.

Chosing between the Linux or Windows Server platform

Linux vs Windows Web Hosting:

Some people naturally assume that because they have Windows installed on their desktop pc that they may be using to create their web pages, that they need to host their website on a Windows Server. Yet, your choice of server platform should be decided upon by the features you require for your web pages.

Programming languages such as PHP, mySQL, POP3 etc. will work well on either a Linux or Windows server.
If you intend to code with ASP, FrontPage, .NET, MSSQL, Access, or any Windows technology, then host on a Windows Server.

If performance is your main requirement and your features can be accomodated on either hosting platform, then chosing the Linux Server to host on will benefit you.

In terms of features, security and reliability, either platform may suffice, as both the Linux and Windows developers are constantly improving their respective operating systems.
Internet Map

Internet Map

Step 5 - SEO: Marketing your Company and Website on the Internet

Why choose to market your Company on the Internet?

The internet has grown from its infancy in 1991 as a publicly available service to accommodating an astounding 1,733,993,741 billion recorded users on September the 30th 2009 alone.

From month to month, the world wide web is expanding at a phenominal growth rate.
Out of the more than 6.7 billion people on the planet today, 25.6% are now logging on and surfing the world wide web for their business, educational, recreational, government and non-profit purposes.

As a business website, the more exposure or traffic your Company's products and services has on the web, the greater your target market - and of course, the greater your potential sales.

The internet has become an effective and sometimes essential tool in many businesses ranging from small to medium, large to global size corporations due to online visibility and massive growth potential from new and existing clients. Marketing your company and website online places you on the largest ever-growing directory in the world. The "Information Age" has allowed people and corporations alike the opportunity to handshake across the globe. Marketing involves not only marketing your website but also your company. Successful marketing doesn't involve only gaining coverage over the internet either, but it puts you on an exploding list of other media as well!

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